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The good die young…

A lot has transpired in my life from a child to an adult. The loss of my father at age 7 basically prepared me at a young age to deal with death in a certain way. Since than, I’ve been to countless funerals, from my family to my closet friends. Nathan Hanna and Nathan Heitbrink’s death was premature and down right confusing. Here were two humans who were good and decent young adults that were taken from this world, almost as it seems, for no reason. When my best friend and “brother” Robert “Swiss” Honchul, was killed in a drunk driving accident, it was like I just than started to grieve over my fathers death, and the rest of the losses of close ones in my life. As far as god goes, that is a discussion better saved for another time. These deaths did teach me that life is short and over all very precious. I shouldn’t dwell on little irregularities in my life when at any day I could be taken off this earth. While I wish almost everyday that my father could have raised me, just to kno what my life could have been like, I am more than thankful for the people that were brought into my life upon my fathers passing. A family raised me and taught me important life lessons, and for that I will be forever grateful. So at this time I would like to thank the Gray family for enduring a widow and her two children, and my mother for being the strongest and most versitial person I know. The example you set for me momma was unprecedented and that you let me walk my own path in life is very unselfish of you. So to all my momma’s boys out there, throw one up for the most important women in our lives!!!!
Till next time,
Mike Gillis


Hello world, it’s me Mike Gillis

Welcome to the personal blog of Mike Gillis. The basic reasoning behind me blogging is to share my intellect with the world so that I may possibly receive some in return. I enjoy writing tremendously and also researching any American pop culture or even author American history. I also would like to use this blog to express myself more adequately and to show my peers and fellow citizens that I am more than just some “wanna-be” rapper or even a common criminal as some may consider to see me as. My past is checkered at best, I did tend to get into a little trouble as a young teen, 95% of my wrong-doings was just underage drinking, and in a small Ohio town drinking is factually all there is to do for any kind of excitement. So please enjoy all of my insight in all subjects ranging from religion, politics, music, entertainment, local events, and all around opinions on things you might not even care about. So check back daily for updates and please comment with any of your own opinions or ideas about anything I may be talking about. Thank you
Mike Gillis